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We take the utmost care to recruit  qualified candidates for a family's personalized needs whether you are seeking a nanny, caregiver, family/personal assistant, household manager, or child mentor.


The Nanny  / Family Assistant / Caregiver Placement Process: 


The first step for long-term nanny or caregiver placement is an in-home/in-person consultation with families.  At that time, we discuss your  needs and preferences, review our placement and referral process and answer any questions you may have.  Also, you will be provided with important information and resources regarding IRS compliance and tax credits as a household employer.

To move forward, we'll review and sign together our service agreement and collect a retainer fee which initiates the nanny, family assistant,  or caregiver placement process.  . 

While we may currently have a candidate in process that may be a good fit, we are prepared to search for the most appropriate candidates for your family.   Each family's needs are unique and the entire process typically ranges from one to six weeks in duration. 


Next, you will be presented with complete candidate portfolios (See  list below) for your review.  Once you have reviewed the candidate information, arrangements will be made for you to personally interview the individuals(s) that you have selected.  Typically, families consider one to three candidates before making a hiring decision.  We recommend an initial interview and a working interview before you make your final  decision.


Once you have selected the best pre-screened candidate for your position, we will assist  with negotiating your  position offer and then preparing an employment agreement describing duties, hours, pay, and the expectations of both parties.  We will conduct a placement meeting with you and your new household employee and review the agreement details together. At this meeting, you and your new employee will sign your work agreement and your placement fee balance will be collected.   


As part of a thorough screening process, each candidate portfolio contains:


  • Current  resume showing specific related experience and/or education in the field of child-development/education OR related work experience to Caregiving and/or Assisting Families / Household Management

  • Introductory letter from the candidate

  • Three  or more excellent references or recommendations.  In the portfolio, you’ll see detailed notes from our conversations with each candidate’s references, but families are encouraged to speak to a candidate’s references, before making a hiring decision

  • Criminal background screening and motor vehicle background check

  • Completed Essay Questions / Situational childcare questions for nanny positions.

  • In-person interview with our agency.  Notes from our interview with the candidate are included in the candidate portfolio

  • CPR and First Aid Certification

  • Valid social security card, driver’s license and auto insurance/registration


Other Requirements:

  • Non-smoker

  • Candidates must be at least twenty years of age

  • Pre-employment drug screening if requested by hiring family



Advantages of relying on Necessary Nannies Placement Services:


  • Time-saving for busy families!  Advertising, screening, interviewing, and confirming candidate information is time-consuming work.

  • Prepared written job description and employment agreement personalized for each family’s needs.  This sets the stage for a successful working relationship with your household employee and helps to prevent misunderstandings down the road.

  • Many families are not aware of IRS obligations and other household employment issues.  These are clearly addressed, and we are able to provide solid information and professional resources to families that will give them peace of mind and confidence.  We discuss tax credits that benefit families employing nannies and caregivers.


    Guarantee:  With each long-term nanny placement, we include a replacement / satisfaction guarantee of three months at no extra charge. At any time, we are available to answer questions and dialogue with you about household employment.  If we can't answer your question, we will help you find the answer.


  • Recommended Nanny / Family Assistant Compensation:

  • It is our desire to place qualified individuals with our valued client families  that are prepared to compensate their nanny or caregiver at a sustainable wage.  Generally, we consider this range for a qualified nanny or caregiver to be $19-21 per hour.  This can vary based on job description, work hours, flexibility required, number and ages of children and the individual candidate’s level of experience and education.  It is becoming standard to offer  a compensation package that may include some or all of the following:  Paid vacation, sick days, holidays, and a contribution toward health insurance.  While you may not be required by law to offer these benefits, you may attract the most desirable candidates if you consider some benefits as part of your nanny’s compensation package. 


Retainer/ Placement Fees:  Please call our office for specifics regarding agency fees. A non-refundable retainer is required to initiate the search for your nanny or caregiver.  The balance of the placement fee is due at the time that the Work Agreement is signed and your  employee is scheduled to start working for your family.


How to Get Started:  Please call us at  208-631-2544 or submit our online inquiry form to begin the conversation.


When you are ready to move forward and would like to schedule a home consultation, we have day or evening appointment times available.   


The in-home consultation is currently available to these areas in Idaho:  Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Star, and the Greater Treasure Valley and proceeding west to the Oregon border, east to Sun Valley and the surrounding area, and also to McCall, and surrounding areas. There is a mileage charge for consultations outside of the Boise / Treasure Valley area.


In addition to permanent full-time and part-time, live-in and live-out nannies, Necessary Nannies also provides hotel, occasional, and temporary nannies for a variety of needs and schedules.  Please call  or email for more information.


Phone:  208.631.2544                         Email:                           

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 444   Meridian, ID  83680


Information For Families

A nanny's first priority is providing attentive care for a child and promoting his/her growth and development.  Nannies support a child's daily routine of nourishment, play and rest.  Nannies provide encouragement, fun, and learning, always endeavoring to reinforce  parents' goals for their child.  Nannies typically assist with child-related household tasks and transportation to outings/school when needed.  Most of all, NANNY is a mentor, trusted friend, and role model.

What is a Nanny?
What is a Caregiver?

A caregiver is a companion, assistant, and caretaker of an adult or elderly client.  While advocating for independence, caregivers typically assist their clients with meals, hygiene, fall prevention / safety, medication reminders, errands, transportation,and light home tasks.  Encouragement, trustworthiness, and genuine kindness are the hallmarks of a true CAREGIVER. 

What is a Family Assistant?

A family assistant is generally a nanny "plus".  An FA assists parents with household managment tasks such as shopping, errands, cooking, pet care, home organizing, planning, coordinating appointments and activities, and communicating with contractors, teachers, etc.  An FA looks at the big picture and cares for the whole family.  Typically, children are in school or activities during the hours when many of these duties are performed by the FA. 

Hotel  / Vacation Temporary Nannies

We can provide a temp nanny or assistant for your hotel and vacation travel needs.  Please see the menu at the top of this page and click "More". for the hotel nanny information. 


If your "vacation" this year means you are having "down-time" for surgery or other health needs, we can help with a temporary Nanny-Caregiver or Family Assistant to look after you and your family!  Please send us a query via our website or call us at 208.631.2544.

Does your older child or teen need a role model, mentor, or tutor during his/her afterschool hours or in the summer?  Is your child too old for a "nanny" but would benefit by spending time with a mature trusted adult?  We can help by referring a mentor to your family.