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Necessary Nannies is an Idaho-grown and Treasure Valley-based business established in 2005. The vision was to establish a personal nanny and caregiver referral and placement service for the families of the Treasure Valley and beyond.  Eighteen years later, this purpose remains!  While technology has impacted most businesses and the way that individuals reach out to local services and friends, at Necessary Nannies we maintain that the most sincere and meaningful relationships begin in person.  We endeavor to meet each family and each nanny or caregiver candidate face-to-face to establish a working relationship together.

Necessary Nannies is committed to service. We are dedicated to supporting families, family values and childcare providers. 

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Placement Service Locations:

BoiseMeridianEagleNampa | Caldwell | Idaho Falls | Rexburg | Sun Valley | Coeur d'Alene

Post Falls | Sandpoint | Rathdrum | Hayden | and More!    




Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Esther knew her calling to be a mom and build things by age five.  At just 12 years old, Esther had a two-page resume of families she often babysat and nannied for in the summer- eventually turning her mom’s basement into a daycare. Her love for Boise was deep so she decided to submerse herself in her community, donating time and resources to local organizations such as the Sanctuary, local retirement homes, and later in life fostering and rehoming dogs in need. 


Esther graduated college at the University of Idaho, pursuing Art & Architecture. Esther graduated in Construction & Design early after learning her mom had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Without hesitation, she made her way home to be her mom’s caregiver. The idea of pursuing a career in her degree now seemed like someone else’s dream, as she came to see that her real calling was caregiving; it brought her immeasurable joy. 


Since then, Esther has been a professional nanny for 10+ years until becoming a mom herself. Through extreme adversity, including raising two young girls on her own, Esther designed a life that allowed her to provide for her family while also being home with them. After exhaustive searches and learning of the heavy financial burden childcare would impose on her family, she quickly saw the opportunity she was being presented with. Her effortless ability to provide love and care for others was the precise solution to being home with her girls. Esther finds extraordinary fulfillment in working with both families and nannies, being given the privilege to play such a pivotal role in successfully pairing a family with a nanny.

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