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Necessary Nannies offers a recruitment and screening process for Personal Family Assistants. 

Personal family assistants can be responsible for a wide range of domestic duties, depending on what the family’s needs are. Typically, though, those who are filling family personal assistant job positions can expect to assist in caring for children.


Core family assistant responsibilities may include:

  • Preparing children for school

  • Making meals for the children

  • Driving children to school, games, and appointments

  • Laundering clothes and other household chores

From a child development standpoint, a family assistant might tutor children in school subjects, teach a child how to read, or exercise and play with children after school.


Like nannies, family assistants are responsible for managing basic domestic duties. These might include:

  • Loading and emptying the dishwasher (or hand washing dishes)

  • Removing garbage and recyclables

  • Caring for pets


Family assistants live both in and outside of the home. Depending on your needs, Necessary Nannies will work with you to find the right help for you specific situation. The family assistant role differs from a traditional nanny in that an assistant generally takes on more organizational responsibilities. Family assistants tend to have a more active role in managing the household than a nanny typically does. Many family personal assistant job positions require applicants to possess specific skills, such as experience with computers or dictation.


In addition to child care duties, a family assistant might:

  • Complete the family’s grocery shopping or personal shopping

  • Write emails

  • Answer the phone

  • Receive guests

  • Make appointments

  • Make travel arrangements

  • Make reservations

  • Pay bills

  • Plan events

  • Provide project management

See "Our Process | Screening" page for additional information.

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