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This program is designed for families that occasionally require the services of a qualified nanny or caregiver but currently do not need on-going nanny services on a regular schedule.  It is also ideal for families that have a full-time nanny, but occasionally need additional support.


How It Works:   Parents pay an annual fee of $300 and receive a monthly subscription (12 issues) to our list of pre-screened nannies that are available on an occasional basis for evenings, weekends, and daytime hours.  This list is updated the first week of each month and emailed to subscribing parents.  Generally, there are 15-20 nannies on the list each month.  You will see nanny contact information and a summary of each nanny’s background and experience.  Parents contact nannies directly to set up childcare or interviews.  


For the benefit of all, we highly recommend thoroughly discussing expectations, childcare duties, and nanny pay in advance of the scheduled care.  It is also recommended that you set a time to meet with the nanny in advance of the scheduled dates. 


Nanny Pay:  Generally, we recommend a sustainable nanny wage in the range of $20-22 per hour depending on the nanny’s experience and the requirements of the assignment.  Parents negotiate pay directly with the nanny.  These qualified nannies are non-smoking adults who have passed a criminal / DMV background check, and have verified childcare references and experience.  Some have educational backgrounds related to early childhood development or elementary education.  The nanny's portfolio is accessible to parents from individual nannies or our office upon request. 

To Register: Call or email to let us know you are interested in subscribing to the Occasional Nanny Program and we will provide you with a short application to complete and return.  The subscription fee will be requested by Venmo before your subscription begins. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.  

Once you have submitted your application and fee, we will email your first month’s subscription to the Occasional Nanny List.  Each month we will send out the updated list of nannies that are currently available for occasional nanny assignments.  Depending on the nanny, they may be available days, evenings, weekends, and overnights.  In most cases, it is desirable to make your arrangements with a nanny with as much advance notice as possible.  Necessary Nannies is not able to guarantee specific availability.


Long-Term Hire:  If at any point, you would prefer to hire one of the nannies from our list on an on-going basis, part-time or full-time, live-out or live-in, it will be our pleasure to walk you through the process of hiring your nanny professionally.   At that time, our regular placement fee minus your subscription fee will be due. 


Tax Obligations:  Once a nanny or caregiver has earned a total of $2,300, per IRS guidelines, you have payroll tax obligations as a household employer.  We are happy to provide you with tax information and professional payroll resources that will give you and your employee convenience and peace of mind.

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